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Photo Prints of Sikh Art and Photography

In this section you'll see a large collection of Sikh art and photos related to Sikhism. The gallery serves as a central place to showcase different Sikh art.

All the pictures in the SikhPhotos.com gallery are also available for purchase in all different sizes. Browse through the hundreds of different pictures; and If you like one (or more!) you can order copies online and have them shipped out to you within 3 days. This is a great opportunity to find something nice to decorate your home, office; or find a unique gifts for friends & family.

Browse through the below gallery sections for viewing and purchasing different artwork.

- The Golden Temple
Photographs of the Golden Temple (Amritsar, India) taken by Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa during the past 10 years. View the Harimandir Sahib in all it's beauty! You will find many unique pictures at all times of day and night.
- General Sikh Art
A collection of paintings of the Sikh Gurus, historical scenes and Sikh related art, from Gurdwaras and other sources.

Sikh Art by Bhupinder Singh
Bhupinder Singh is a self taught artist mainly working in watercolor medium to express his creativity. He likes the spontaneity and unpredictability which makes watercolor one of the most difficult mediums in art to tackle. He believes his work falls somewhere between realism and impressionism. His subjects are usually contemporary Sikhs and their lifestyle.

Although trained as a computer science graduate he has kept his passion alive by participating at various national and international art competitions, fairs and sold successively many of his artwork(unrelated to Sikhism) at local art shops and galleries. After 9/11 he likes to contribute more towards Sikh related themes and educate people about Sikhism through watercolors.


Sikh Art by Sewa Singh
Original Paintings of the Sikh Gurus and Symbols. This is a beautiful collection of art painted by Sewa Singh Khalsa over the past 15 years.


Sikh Art by Jaswant Singh
Having traversed various stations in his life, the conflict within encouraged him to create these works of art. His recent paintings have been inspired by the Sacred Hymns of Sikh Gurus, spiritual writings of Sufi Saints, and the Punjabi folklore. He translates his spiritual and more worldly experiences into images through various media and techniques. Using symbols, words and images in bold colors, he enjoys the divine unsung melodies. Through meditation, he has forayed into the realm of the Spirit, which prods him on to convey his innermost aspirations. He says "To soothe my soul, I meditate through painting, I paint through meditation."

- Keshgar Sahib
The birth place of the Khalsa panth (Baisakhi/Vasakhi). Pictures of the Gurdwara Keshghar Sahib and surroundings (Anandpur Sahib).
- Yogi Bhajan
Pictures capturing different aspects of Yogi Bhajan's personality (Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa). Laughing, smiling, meditative, serious, teaching, etc.


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